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Test Tube Paper Soap

  • Paper soap uses natural coconut oil and uses essential oils as raw materials, has an active decontamination factor, deep cleansing and decontamination gently take care of the skin, and removes bacteria.
  • SIZE : 14 x 3 x 3 cm . Put it in the bag and wash your hands at any time, help to keep your hands always fragrant. Or pour some soap and flowers into the bathtub and enjoy the romantic scented bath. Convenient for traveling, office and home use
  • Take out a piece of paper soap. Dissolve with water and gently rub out foam, finally rinse thoroughly with water. The moisturizing formula makes skin smooth and clean.
  •  Portable: Pocket Size Paper Soap is perfect for travel, business trips, camping, hiking, BBQ, or any outdoor activities, just keep it in your bag for daily use, cleaning is a good partner for your health
  • Portable Disposable Paper Soap Confetti Cleaning Washing Hand Bath Toiletry Paper Soap Sheets Petals Soap Flakes with Storage Tube for Kitchen Toilet Outdoor Travel Camping Hiking.

Test Tube Paper Soap

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